About The Jackson County Historical Association

The Jackson County Historical Association (JCHA) was founded on October 26, 1974 and has remained active in the years since.

JCHA program meetings are held the last Sunday in the months of January, April, and July and are open to the public. For the past several years, the JCHA has provided the membership with a bus tour of all four quadrants of Jackson County and a tour of neighboring DeKalb County landmarks on the last Saturday in October.

The Board of Directors tries to keep Association projects and activities visible to the public via local newspapers, FaceBook, and the Scottsboro Depot Museum website.

Our accomplishments are numerous:

JCHA members reclaimed and inventoried the old Bellefonte Cemetery and worked to get this cemetery listed in the Alabama Historic Cemetery Register.

When the JCHA members who lived in Stevenson began working to save and refurbish the Stevenson Railroad Depot, the JCHA furnished manpower and gave the museum board $15,000.00 for depot improvements.

In 1981, JCHA members convinced the City of Scottsboro to purchase the Brown-Proctor House (built in 1881) for use as a museum house. JCHA members provided the leadership for the restoration of the house which had been vacant for 7 years. Today the Brown-Proctor House is the home of the Scottsboro-Jackson Heritage Center. The house is open Monday-Friday from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm.

The JCHA worked with Scottsboro's mayor to save the Scottsboro Freight Depot when Norfolk-Southern Railway announced it intended to raze the building. After Norfolk-Southern deeded the building to the City of Scottsboro, the building was given to the JCHA. The mayor told JCHA members the organization could have the building for its headquarters, but the JCHA had to fund the restoration and preservation of the building. Since Norfolk-Southern had not done any kind of building repairs or maintenance in a number of years, the building needed refurbishing from top to bottom. JCHA members restored the building to the 1860-1880 time period when the depot was the center of all activity in Scottsboro. John Neely served as the first restoration chairman; Kelly Goodowens assumed that role in 2007 and continues to lead in the depot's preservation. Local citizens have been very generous in helping the JCHA fill the depot museum with railroad artifacts and other exhibits that help tell the history of Scottsboro and Jackson County. The Scottsboro Depot Museum is open each Friday from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm and on other days by appointment. JCHA members serve as docents and give tours of the depot museum. Members David and Annette Bradford developed/maintain our website:www.scottsborodepotmuseum.com

The Jackson County Historical Association received the Alabama Historical Association's James Ray Kuykendall Award for the State's outstanding local historical association in Alabama in 2004.

JCHA members Barry Pickett and Ralph Mackey prepared a county-wide cemetery inventory that has been shared with libraries and via the internet.

JCHA members have written and produced three historical dramas that emphasized three time periods in our local history and culture. JCHA members provide programs for local civic organizations as requested.

The JCHA served as the supporting organization and umbrella for the Paint Rock Valley History Project coordinated by JCHA member Judy Prince.

At the request of a JCHA member, the late David Loyd, the founding president of the JCHA consulted with Bridgeport citizens and helped them develop a plan for establishing the Bridgeport Area Historical Association.

The JCHA and JCHA member Dr. Ronald Dykes have partnered in publishing four of Dr. Dykes' books: “Growing Up Hard in Jackson County”, “Fighting the Just War”, “They Wouldn't Let Us Win”, and “Building Bridges and Roads in the Korean Conflict”.

JCHA member Lewis Robinson served as design architect for the Scottsboro Depot Museum preservation and restoration.

JCHA continues to procure historic markers to identify and recognize Jackson County landmarks and events. There are presently 19 markers in place. These historic markers include: Bridgeport – Trail of Tears; Historic Downtown Bridgeport; Fort Harker in Stevenson; Stevenson Depot and Hotel; Union Army Headquarters at Little Brick in Stevenson; Crow Town; Bellefonte Cemetery and the Town of Bellefonte; Skyline School; History of Skyline Farms; Decatur County; History of Paint Rock and Arrest of Scottsboro Boys in Paint Rock; Andrew Jackson plaque on statue on courthouse grounds; Scottsboro Railroad Depot; Union Encampment in Scottsboro; College Hill Historic District; Robert T. Scott on Courthouse lawn; Jackson County Courthouse and Scottsboro Boys; and plaque on wall at Rocky Springs Church, the Robert T. Scott Family Cemetery, and the Jones House (birthplace of the late U.S. Congressman Robert E. (Bob) Jones in Scottsboro. The Averyville marker is ready to be dedicated in Stevenson. In addition to the above markers, the towns of Langston, Section, and Dutton received historic markers during the Alabama Tourism Department's “The Year of the Small Town.” All of the above make a total of 23 historic markers.

The JCHA provided some financial assistance and manpower to Fackler citizens for restoration of the McGuffey's Store as a community center.

The JCHA hosted the Alabama Historical Association 2014 Spring Conference in Scottsboro and Jackson County in April 2014. Members of the JCHA Board of Directors served as the local planning committee. JCHA members developed a photo-poster collection of 27 Jackson County landmarks by using old photographs that date from 1870 to early 1940s. The first exhibit of these posters was during the April AHA Conference.

The JCHA has published the quarterly newsletter, The Jackson County Chronicles since January 1975. The entire collection is now available on CD ROM. Ann B. Chambless edited The Chronicles for its first 41 years of publication. Today, The Chronicles is edited by Annette Norris Bradford.

Annual membership dues are $20.00, except for those 65 and older whose dues are $15.00. Life Membership is $150.00. Members in good standing receive The Jackson County Chronicles in January, April, July, and October.