News and notes of the JCHA

October JCHA Meeting

The next Jackson County Historical Association meeting will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, October 29 at the Scottsboro Depot Museum. It will feature Civil War expert Gary Johnson who will speak about “Webbed Feet on the Western Waters: The Union Army on the Tennessee River.”

Gary writes, “A little known fact for many Civil War buffs is that the Navy played a significant role on the Western waters (the Mississippi River and all its tributaries, including the Upper Tennessee River). Union Navy warships were built at Bridgeport, AL and projected Union power from Decatur to Chattanooga.”

The presenter will share how river naval warfare was different from ocean warfare and how the river navy was critical to the Union army's success in the western theater of the war.

Gary Q. Johnson is a former naval officer who is an amateur historian of the Civil War Navy. He and his wife live in Cincinnati but have a family connections in Scottsboro.